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When a corporation that has never participated in motorsports is approached by a professional race team, the first thought is they are being asked simply to subsidize a very expensive sport and that the most they will receive will be to have their name on a car or cars. If this were the case, it would simply not be economically feasible for any business to try to justify such participation. In reality, the best of relationships between a professional motorsports team and a marketing partner will be a partnership to accomplish the following…

* Exposure via Dino Hamilton Racing will increase sales of targeted products in specific markets in a measurable manner so that the impact of the marketing partnership can be specifically determined in terms of investment vs. sales returns.

* Dino Hamilton Racing will provide a vehicle to enhance a product or corporate image or establish a new image through exposure to audiences of up to 40,000 spectators per event and through print, video and internet media.

* Off-track promotions will be made by the driver, team members and promotional personnel making direct contact with your customers. They will also appear at your corporate events to create an atmosphere of teamwork towards a common goal.

* Team personnel will participate in your print, audio and video, and internet advertising campaigns as articulate spokespersons for your product.

* Dino Hamilton Racing will provide an exciting atmosphere to entertain key clients and distributors.

Dino Hamilton Racing is a professional motorsports, marketing and promotional team that can be your partner to achieve the results outlined above. To obtain a detailed marketing partnership package which will demonstrate how you can participate as a partner with DINO HAMILTON RACING this season, please contact us using the information given below. This partnership will provide an exciting, effective, and measurable tool to assist YOUR COMPANY in reaching its goals.

If you are interested in becoming a marketing partner, please contact us @ (818) 613-2652, Contact Us Page or

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